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This is a perfect example of Sisterhood!

Total Commitment to Jesus (TCJ) Fellowship of Women was hosted by Ebony Shaw-Taylor along with a group of wonderful "behind the scene" laborers on Friday, March 28 and OMG! What a joy!  What a wonderful sisterhood! What an awesome experience to have women embracing who they are in Jesus together! God designed us for fellowship and we are definitely better together! Ebony is such a wonderful host, and she has such a lovely home and spirit. I will be asking Ebony in the near future for an interview so that she can share with us the founding of TCJ and the vision that God has given her for its future direction.

Christina Jones, an annointed, amazing woman of God, imparted the Word to us by expounding on "How Do I Know It's Really You, God?"  One of her key points was that the more you know about God and the closer you get to God, the more you know when it's not God. She used the example of the lights being turned out, and her husband speaking to her. She would immediately know it's her husband because she's been intimate with him and spent time with him, therefore, she is familiar with his voice when he speaks to her.

I visualized in my mind how that works. I've been married to my husband for 23 years, and if I was in a dark room, and he spoke to me, I wouldn't be afraid because I would know that I'm safely in his presence in the dark. However, if I heard a strange man's voice in the dark room, I'd immediately become afraid and look for a way to protect myself from an unknown attacker. That's what happens when the enemy speaks to us. His intent is to kill, steal, and destroy.  But if we trust God and have the faith to believe that God always speaks, then we know that we are safe from the enemy.  But we can't become familiar with the presence of God if we don't spend time in his presence.

Christina also let us know that God NEVER changes (James 1:17), and her final point - can you hear HIM now (John 10:27)?

As always, we had food and fun. Lots of laughs and lots of love. It was raining on the outside, but the SON was definitely shining on the inside!

This is how serious women have fun!
It was also an exciting time in that there were a number of new faces present. New faces means new friends! I imagine that God was smiling as we were sharing and praying and playing. My heart goes out to those who have never been able to enjoy themselves in the Lord. God wants us to have joy. The joy of the Lord is our strength. I have certainly been strengthened by the experience!  Love you ladies! Each and every one of you!