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Exercising has a plethora of benefits including controlling weight, combating health conditions, boosting energy, improving mood, and promoting better sleep habits, among other amazing benefits.  Exercise can be performed in numerous ways and in various environments.  It can be done alone, with a partner, in a small group, or in a large group.  Although exercising can be a huge challenge, I think it should be fun.  I believe that given a fun-filled, sociable environment (exercising with others fosters accountability), people are better apt to stick to a regime.  This has been my experience while participating in Boot Camp, led by fitness trainer, Christina Jones. This particular season presented a challenge called "Down 5" sponsored by UT Extension and the Haywood County Health Council, or is UT part of the Haywood County Health Council?  The challenge is for individuals to lose at least 5% of their body fat during a 12 week time-frame. I have witnessed some very motivated and dedicated people overcome some high hurdles in order to make this work for them.  There's nothing like the intrinsic reward that comes from one accomplishing what they once thought to be impossible.  This is fun, it's exciting, it's fulfilling, and it's rewarding!  Along with the intrinsic award, there are also some tangible rewards being offered in the end and along the way! 
<![CDATA[Balance]]>Fri, 28 Mar 2014 18:45:34 GMThttp://transformfit.weebly.com/healthfitness/balanceAfter seeing many posts of me on Facebook after having won the SUV, many people erroneously believe that I work out ALL OF THE TIME!  The truth is - I DON'T! Also, because my fitness trainer, Christina Jones, teaches early morning boot camp classes at D180, people give me the excuse that they could never lose weight like I did because I work out too early in the morning. Once again, the truth is, I DON'T! It doesn't matter what time of day you work out; what matters is that you DO work out!  I believe that early morning workouts have some benefits over working out later in the day; however, a late workout is definitely better than no workout at all!  And that goes for any day of the week!

Working out is only a portion of what it takes for healthy, successful weight loss.  Eating wholesome balanced meals play a huge role in achieving and maintaining success.  I find that changing eating habits can be challenging if you're use to eating junk (just like working out can be challenging if you're use to being a couch potato). However, I guarantee that the change is well worth the effort that it takes!

I am a full time graduate student at the University of Memphis, I am a full time teacher at our local intermediate school, I have a family, and I am faithful to my local church. I said that to say this: I am a real human being, with a real life. I have no special powers, other than the power of the Holy Ghost (my site, my preference). So, if I can do it, it is possible that you can too!  Best wishes in regards to your journey!